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Journal of the Korean Physical Society (J. Korean Phys. Soc.)

연구분야 > ISSN 0374-4884
eISSN 1976-8524 창간년
발행간기 연12회이상 최근발행정보 2021 년 03 월 78(6)
언어 영어

번호 논문제목 저자명 페이지 피인용횟수
1 Recent Progress and Surface-Related Key Issues in III-V Semiconductor Nanoelectronics Hideki Hasegawa 543~551 3
2 Reliability Issues and Role of Defects in High-k Dielectric HfO2 Devices 강준구 552~557 11
3 Observation of Plasmon Hybridization in Gold Nanoparticle Pairs 송정훈 558~562 4
4 Effects of Post-Growth Atomic Plasma Exposure on Crystalline Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Silicon Jong-Hwan Yoon 563~566 1
5 Time-Integrated and Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Properties of Si Nanocrystal/SiO2 Multilayers Grown by Ion-Beam Sputtering Sung Kim 567~570 3
6 Abnormal Thermal Properties of ZnS:Mn2+ Nanophosphor J. S. Park 571~574 7
7 Coarsening Dynamics of Nanoscale Ti-Silicide Islands on Si Surfaces 양우철 575~580 1
8 Fabry-Perot Interference Characteristics of the Photoluminescence in Nanoclustered SiNx:H Thick Films 이태경 581~585 1
9 Preparation of Transparent Conducting Ga-Doped ZnO and Al-Doped ZnO Bilayers by Using r.f. Magnetron Sputtering with ZnO Buffer Layers on Polymer Substrates 이종무 586~589 10
10 Dependence of the NH3 Gas Flow Rate on the Electrical Properties of p-Type ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Using Atomic Layer Epitaxy 이종무 590~593 19
11 Effect of a Pt Substrate on the Growth and Fabrication of ZnO Schottky Diodes Taek-Seung Kim 594~597 4
12 Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of ZnO Films on Si (111) Substrates Using 3C-SiC Buffer Layers Zhu Junjie 598~601 6
13 The Origin of P-Type Conductivity in P-Doped ZnO 이우진 602~607 12
14 Effect of Thermal Annealing on the Formation of Preferential c-Axis Orientation and an Interfacial Layer for ZnO Thin Films Grown on an n-Si (001) Substrate 육종민 608~611 6
15 Optical Properties of Inorganic (ZnO)100-x(Nd2O3)x Alloy Films for the Color Filter of a Plasma Display Panel Sung Won Ryu 612~616 9
16 Photo- and Cathodoluminescence Studies of ZnO-Filled Opal Nanocomposites Saidislam S. Kurbanov 617~621 2
17 Al-ZnO Thin Films as Transparent Conductive Oxides : Synthesis, Characterization, and Application Tests Seong Hun Jeong 622~625 64
18 Structural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of Transparent Conductive In2O3-Doped ZnO Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition Fukai SHAN 626~631 7
19 Optical Properties of Black NiO and CoO Single Crystals Studied with Spectroscopic Ellipsometry 강태동 632~637 31
20 Ferromagnetic Properties of Ni-Doped Rutile TiO2-δ Young Ran Park 638~642 14
21 A Study on the Electrochemical and the Chemical Mechanical Polishing Behaviors of W and Ti Film 서용진 643~649 11
22 Characteristics of W-B-C-N Thin Diffusion Barrier for Cu Interconnects 김수인 650~652 12
23 Analysis of the Surface Morphology and the Resistance of VO2 Thin Films on M-Plane Al2O3 Bong-Jun Kim 653~656 16
24 Remaining Oxide and Low-Energy Ion Implantation of BF2+ for Si (100) Woo-Jung Lee 657~661 2
25 The Electronic and Optical Properties of IZO Thin Films Prepared by Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering S. T. Kim 662~665 10
26 Study of the Characteristics of HfO2/Hf Films Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition on Silicon Seung-Woo Do 666~669 14
27 Annealing Behavior of Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Semiconductor Electrodeposited for Nanowire Applications 김민영 670~676 24
28 In-Situ Annealing Study on the Thermal Stability of Nickel Germanides Jae-Wook Lee 677~680 6
29 Spectroscopic Evidence for the Defect-Mediated Generation-Recombination Model for the Hole Capacitance of Amorphous Silicon in a Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Capacitor Geuk-Jeong Bang 681~684 1
30 The Effect of the C Incorporation Pathway on the Growth Rate of Epitaxial SiGeC H.-W. Kim 685~689 1
31 Adsorption of Benzenethiol and 1,4-Benzenedithiol on the Si(111)-7 X 7 Surface Jaeyoon Baik 690~694 7
32 Multiple Bit Encodings of Multilayer Porous Silicon Jongsun Park 695~699 15
33 Methodological Study on the Recycle of Oxide-Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry Yong-Jin Seo 700~707 8
34 Effect of encapsulated metallofullerene on the Fermi level alignment at the metal-nanotube interface. Dongchul Sung 708~711 5
35 Characteristics of Light Transmission Through Nano-Apertures on Pyramidal Probes 김영철 712~716 1
36 Micro-Biochemical Reactor with Integrated Pt Heater/Sensor: Fabrication and Analysis 은덕수 717~722 3
37 Etching of Silicon Substrates by Using a Plasmatron Vadim Yu. Plaksin 723~727 5
38 Revisiting the SINIS Junction via a Scattering Matrix Analysis Mikyung Kim 728~732 1
39 Schematics and Simulations of a Nanotube Shuttle Nonvolatile Memory Device Jeong Won Kang 733~738 2
40 A Multi-Gate Single-Electron Transistor Model for Circuit Simulations by SPICE YUN SEOP YU 739~743 3
41 2D Quantum-Mechanical Modeling of a FinFET having an Isolated n+/p+ Gate Region Strapped with Metal and Polysilicon Kim han-geon 744~748 2
42 Self-Consistent Local-Field Corrections and Structure Factors in a Spin-Polarized Electron Gas Jae Seok Kim 749~753 2
43 Electron-Electron Interactions in a Two-Dimensional Electron Systemin an Al0.15Ga0.85N/GaN Heterostructure Grown on p-Type Si Jian-Zhe Huang 754~758 4
44 Surface Morphologies and Optical Properties in CdxZn1-xTe/ZnTe Quantum Dots Grown on GaAs (100) and Si (100) Substrates 이홍석 759~762 4
45 Near-Field Emission Properties of a Self-Formed InAs Quantum Dot Laser Diode by Using Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy S. I. Jung 763~766 7
46 High Potential Barrier Effects on Self-Assembled InAs Quantum Dots S. I. Jung 767~770 5
47 The Optical Characteristics of Epitaxial Lateral and Vertical Overgrowth of GaN on Stripe-Patterned Si Substrate H. Y. Yeo 771~775 3
48 Experimental Studies of Low-Field Landau Quantization in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems in GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures Jing-Han Chen 776~780 8
49 Control of Coherent Phonon Decay in GaAs by Using a Secondary Pump Pulse Kang-Jeon Han 781~784 1
50 Effect of NH3 Pretreatment on the Surface Morphologies of GaN Films Grown on Miscut Sapphire Substrates by Using Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy 이상화 785~788 2
51 Terahertz Electrical Characteristics of Heavily Doped n-GaAs Thin Films Ui Whan Kim 789~792 8
52 Electronic Properties of Self-Assembled CdTe Quantum Wires Grown on ZnTe Buffer Layers S.H. Song 793~796 6
53 Influence of an Advanced Buffer Layer on the Optical Properties of an InGaN/GaN MQW Grown on a (111) Silicon Substrate Da-Ren Hang 797~800 11
54 Growth of a GaN Epilayer on a Si (111) Substrate by Using an AlN/GaN Superlattice and Application to a GaN Microcavity Structure with Dielectric-Distributed Bragg Reflector 김태기 801~805 2
55 Dielectric Functions of CdSe and ZnSe Obtained by Using Vacuum Ultra-Violet Spectroscopic Ellipsometry 김태중 806~809 7
56 Effects of p-GaN Growth Temperature on a Green InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Well 주진우 810~813 10
57 Structural, Optical, and Magnetic Characteristics of an InMnP:Zn Epilayer 손윤 814~818 4
58 Spin-Polarized Photoreflectance in Ferromagnetic GaMnAs Ji-Hee Kim 819~823 4
59 Magneto-Optical Properties of Non-Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum dot and Magnetic Quantum well Coupled Structures 이상훈 824~828 5
60 Strain-Engineered Magnetic Anisotropy of GaMnAs Ferromagnetic Semiconductors T. Kim 829~833 5
61 Spontaneous Magnetization in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Wells S. T. Jang 834~838 8
62 Magnetic Anisotropy and ac Susceptibility of (Ga,Mn)As 김용승 839~843 3
63 Temperature Dependence of Metal-Insulator Transition in Mn-Doped p-Type GaAs Sungyoul Choi 844~847 4
64 Optical, Electrical, and Magneto-Optical Properties for Bulk Cd0.63-yMn0.37HgyTe Single Crystals 황영훈 848~852 1
65 Structural, Optical, and Magneto-Optical Properties in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Cd0.63-yMn0.37CoyTe Single Crystals 황영훈 853~857 4
66 Photoluminescence of Zn1-xBexSe Films Grown by Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy 황영훈 858~861 1
67 A Flip-Chip-Packaged InP HBT Transimpedance Amplifier for 40-Gb/s Optical Link Applications 주철원 862~865 3
68 Optimization of 660-nm-Band AlGaInP Laser Diodes by Using Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy Analyses Young Chul Shin 866~870 1
69 Packaged Broadband Amplifier for 40-Gb/s Optical Transmission Systems in InP HBT Technology Jong-Min Lee 871~874 2
70 835-nm GaAs/AlGaAs High-Power Laser Diode for Up-Conversion Fiber Lasers Byungjin Ma 875~879 5
71 Electrical Characteristics of the Resonant-Cavity Separate Absorption, Charge, and Multiplication Avalanche Photodetector Improved by Device Optimization Dong Ho Kim 880~884 1
72 Transport Spectroscopy of a Quantum Dot in a Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) MOSFET Y. S. Yu 885~888 0
73 Gate Recess Process for 80-nm T-Shaped Gate Metamorphic HEMTs on GaAs Substrates Hyung Sup Yoon 889~892 5
74 Characteristics of n-Type SB-MOSFETs Manufactured by Using a Metal-Gate & a High-K Dielectric Byoungchul Park 893~896 4
75 Characteristics of an Extended Drain N-Type MOS Device for Electrostatic Discharge Protection of a LCD Driver Chip Operating at High Voltage Yong-Jin Seo 897~901 2
76 Transport Study of Lambda DNA Molecules 황종승 902~904 3
77 Effect of Surface Plasmon Polariton Mode on Spontaneous Emission in Gold Coated GaN/InGaN Quantum-Well Structures Chung-Hyun Park 905~909 5
78 Passivation Properties of Inorganic Composite Films Packed Around Ca Cells by Electron-Beam Evaporation Technique Yang Jiyoung 910~914 6
79 Study on Reducing the Energy Barrier Between an Electrode and an Organic Semiconductor by Using Inorganic Semiconductor Layer in Organic Thin Film Transistors 지승현 915~919 8