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Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (J. Mech. Sci. Tech.)
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (J. Mech. Sci. Tech.)

연구분야 > ISSN 1738-494X
eISSN 1976-3824 창간년
발행간기 연12회 최근발행정보 2020 년 09 월 34(9)
언어 한국어 , 영어

번호 논문제목 저자명 페이지 피인용횟수
1 Tribology issues in nanoimprint lithography 김광섭 5~12 26
2 Next generation actuators leading breakthroughs Toshiro Higuchi 13~18 12
3 Kinematics and optimization of a 2-DOF parallel manipulator with a passive constraining leg and linear actuators 이지훈 19~23 5
4 Development of nutation motors (improvement of pneumatic nutation motor by optimizing diaphragm design) Shinji ODA 25~28 2
5 A study on the bending stress of the hollow sun gear in a planetary gear train 고경은 29~32 2
6 Simulation results of a hexahedron-octahedron based spherical stepping motor Tomoaki Yano 33~36 4
7 An analysis of the main factors on the wear of brushes for automotive small brush-type DC motor Wae-Gyeong Shin 37~41 16
8 Development of a spherical motor driven by electro-magnets Seiji Ikeshita 43~46 5
9 Continuous path control of a 5-DOF parallel-serial hybrid robot Takuma Uchiyama 47~50 7
10 Development of an In-pipe micro mobile robot using peristalsis motion Yuichi NAKAZATO 51~54 16
11 Gait generation and change of direction for the underactuated three-legged robot Kazunori Kaede 55~58 2
12 Nanotribological properties of silicon nano-pillars coated by a Z-DOL lubricating film Duc Cuong Pham 59~65 12
13 Environmentally friendly tribology (Eco-tribology) Shinya Sasaki 67~71 30
14 Estimations of work hardening exponents of engineering metals using residual indentation profiles of nano-indentation 김병민 73~76 12
15 Study on tool wear mechanisms in milling laser sintered material Abdullah Yassin 77~80 2
16 Investigation of temperature and thermal stress in ventilated disc brake based on 3D thermo-mechanical coupling model 황평 81~84 26
17 Friction and wear properties of rice husk ceramics under dry condition Tuvshin Dugarjav 85~88 9
18 Tribological behavior of Fe-based bulk metallic glass 장범택 89~92 12
19 Effect of a dynamic absorber on friction-induced vibration of a rectangular plate Hiroki Mori 93~96 2
20 Assessment of adhesion between thin film and silicon based on a scratch test 이정은 97~101 10
21 Surface durability of WC/C-coated case-hardened steel gear Masahiro Fujii 103~106 3
22 Nanomechanical characteristics at an ultra-small particle-surface contact interface 성인하 107~110 3
23 High-pressure behavior and tribological properties of wind turbine gear oil Sobahan Mia 111~114 10
24 Sensitivity study of frictional behavior by dimensional analysis in cold forging Joseph S. Ajiboye 115~118 8
25 Effect of micro-scale Young’s modulus and surface roughness on adhesion property to plasma-treated rubber surface 김종형 119~122 4
26 Parametric study on mechanical clinching process for joining aluminum alloy and high-strength steel sheets 이찬주 123~126 63
27 Study on laser assisted milling of ferrous based consolidated material Tatsuaki Furumoto 127~130 3
28 Deformation behavior of commercial Mg-Al-Zn-Mn type alloys under a hydrostatic extrusion process at elevated temperatures 윤덕재 131~135 12
29 Application of flexible forming process to hull structure forming 허성찬 137~140 13
30 Surface durability of powder-forged roller treated by shot peening Masanori Seki 141~144 0
31 Optimal injection molding conditions considering the core shift for a plastic battery case with thin and deep walls 안동규 145~148 9
32 Eliminating weldlines of an injection-molded part with the aid of high-frequency induction heating 박근 149~152 25
33 Airbag tool polishing for aspherical glass lens molds 이호철 153~158 6
34 A practical approach for simulation and manufacturing of a ball-end mill using a 5-axis CNC grinding machine Trung Thanh Pham 159~163 11
35 Indirect cutting force measurement in the micro end-milling process based on frequency analysis of sensor signals 신봉철 165~168 7
36 Product development with TRIZ: design evolution of deburring tools for intersecting holes 조창희 169~173 10
37 A new optical measurement system for determining the geometrical errors of rotary axis of a 5-axis miniaturized machine tool 박성령 175~179 24
38 Fabrication and characterization of PMN-PT single crystal cantilever array for cochlear-like acoustic sensor 허신 181~184 7
39 Prediction of the resistance coefficient in a segment ball valve 이진환 185~188 5
40 The Development of gearless reducers with rolling balls Hidetsugu Terada 189~195 7
41 Active inspection supporting system based on mixed reality after design and manufacture in an offshore structure 이정민 197~202 6
42 Simultaneous temperature measurements of bearing and seal parts of a swash plate type axial piston pump - effects of piston clearance and fluid property Toshiharu Kazama 203~206 2
43 A novel design of active accelerator pedal using linear electromagnetic actuator 이재용 207~210 3
44 Fast drive of displacement magnification mechanism with flexure hinge using loading type impact damper Nobuhiko Henmi 211~214 2
45 Robust design of railway vehicle suspension using a process capability index 이광기 215~218 7
46 Fabrication and evaluation of various types of micro one-way valves through micro rubber molding process Yuki UOHASHI 219~222 1
47 Vibration transmissibility reduction module with flexure mechanism for personal tools 황동현 223~226 5
48 Behavior of piston rings passing over cylinder ports in two-stroke cycle engines Kohei Nakashima 227~230 4
49 Design of magnetically levitated rotors in a large flywheel energy storage system from a stability standpoint 유승열 231~235 4
50 Augmented reality-based training system for metal casting Keiichi Watanuki 237~240 3
51 Development of a walking assist machine using crutches (Composition and basic experiments) Masaru HIGUCHI 245~248 3
52 Computational fluid analysis of abrasive waterjet cutting head Md. G. Mostofa 249~252 10
53 Synchronized presentation of odor with airflow using olfactory display Haruka Matsukura 253~256 2
54 Development of virtual reality-based universal design review system Keiichi Watanuki 257~262 3
55 The effects of glass fiber reinforcement on the mechanical behavior of polyurethane foam 한대석 263~266 19
56 Study on recycling of waste water from spent water-soluble coolant Kazuya Takada 267~270 3
57 Analysis of eccentricity in the ball bar measurement 이동목 271~274 8
58 Selection of an optimized method for pitting processes with sustainability as an important factor Ryuichi Saitoh 275~278 0
59 Reliability-based design optimization using convex approximations and sequential optimization and reliability assessment method 조태민 279~283 9
60 Simultaneous control of the motion and stiffness of redundant closed-loop link mechanisms with elastic elements Nobuyuki Iwatsuki 285~288 4
61 Development of a distributed geometric modeling system based on peer to peer Sung-il Choi 289~292 0
62 Analysis on the ink transfer mechanism in R2R application 이상원 293~296 17
63 Computer aided simulation of mesoscale particles mixing for direct printable ink Dong Hoon Oh 297~300 1
64 An application of ESD technology for the R2R printing process Jung Su Kim 301~305 4
65 Simulation of droplet generation through electrostatic forces Khalid Rahman 307~310 16
66 Characterization for coating processes of imidazole powders using an ultrasonic atomizer 이준식 311~314 0
67 Quality control with matching technology in roll to roll printed electronics 이창우 315~318 8
68 Steering guide-based lateral control for roll-to-roll printed electronics 신현훈 319~322 6
69 Optimum suspension unit design for enhancing the mobility of wheeled armored vehicles 최은호 323~330 6
70 Differential quadrature application in post-buckling analysis of a hinged-fixed elastica under terminal forces and self-weight O. Sepahi 331~336 5
71 Dynamic problem of generalized thermoelastic diffusive medium Rajneesh Kumar 337~342 4
72 Novel design of a small field robot with multi-active crawlers capable of autonomous stair climbing 김병상 343~350 4
73 Development of analytical process to reduce side load in strut-type suspension Y. I. Ryu 351~356 4
74 A semi-analytical solution for forced vibrations response of rectangular orthotropic plates with various boundary conditions Rahbar Ranji A 357~364 15
75 Sonar-based obstacle avoidance using region partition scheme T. T. Quyen Bui 365~372 7
76 Stiffness modeling of a family of 6-DoF parallel mechanisms with three limbs based on screw theory Bing Liang 373~382 10
77 Mathematical models for manufacturing a novel gear shaper cutter Shen-Wang Lin 383~390 3
78 Cross direction register modeling and control in a multi-layer gravure printing 강현규 391~397 6
79 Effect of boost pressure on thermal stratification in HCCI engine using the multi-zone model 권오석 399~406 11
80 The optimum solidification and crucible rotation in silicon czochralski crystal growth 정효민 407~414 1
81 Behavior of thermal bubbles formed from a single nucleation site 장영수 415~420 2
82 TR-PIV measurement of separated and reattaching turbulent flow over a surface-mounted square cylinder Liu Liu SHI 421~428 3
83 Unsteady boundary layer for a pitching airfoil at low Reynolds numbers 김동하 429~440 13
84 A numerical study on the flow and mixing in a microchannel using magnetic particles Thanh Nga Le 441~450 8