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5G 5/105G 8/45G 6/45G 2/4파랑(blue)5B 4/145B 8/65B 5/65B 2/6보라(purple)5P 5/105P 8/45P 6/45P 2/4

The purpose of the study was to investigate the harmony range and the disharmony range by evaluating the degrees of harmony in terms of types of coloration in men's shirts and neckties. In addition, the study aimed to examine perceptional differences between male and female towards degrees of harmony affected by types of coloration; tone on tone coloration(64), tone in tone coloration(96), contrast coloration(128), achromatic-chromatic coloration(96), and achromatic- achromatic coloration(16). The 4,032 male and 4,032 female college students, were participated in this study. The results are as follows. For five types of coloration, the harmony range and disharmony range were identified. Tone on tone and achromatic-chromatic coloration had a more wide range than tone in tone and contrast coloration from both male and female students. The male students had a more wide range of harmony on all coloration.