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M. S. HAN, S. H. LEE, A Study of the prediction of spinning table-tennis balls. Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics, Vol 16, No 1, pp129-138, 2006. The motion of a spinning table-tennis ball is investigated in both theory and experiment. The equation of motion of spinning table-tennis ball is made using aerodynamics and calculated by C++ program. In theoretical part, gravity, drag force and lift force are regarded as main force. Velocity, angular velocity, mass and Drag and lift coefficients are considered as a independent variable. Experiments are made by a digital stroboscope, a digital camera and a mirror, and snap multi-exposed images were took as a dependent result. In experimental part, both magnitude and direction of velocity and angular velocity are changed in each situation. The predicted three-dimensional trajectories of spinning balls are compared with experimental trajectories. As a result the theoretical trajectories were predicted within 10% of experimental trajectories.