Purpose – Why, why is it difficult to predict the appropriateness of self-employment, and what are the countermeasures and policy proposals to overcome. This study intends to further develop the field of statistical variables. It is necessary to overcome the limitation of existing proper scale research in Korea. We need to find statistical variables that can determine the appropriateness of self-employment in Korea. These efforts will be helpful in evaluating OECD countries and statistics and developing domestic economic indicators. Research design, data, and methodology - It is the discovery of statistical indicators and complementary indicators that have not been revealed in previous studies. Therefore, we sought to find new statistical parameters based on the statistics of the Korea National Statistical Office, the Bank of Korea, and overseas OECD statistics. (Proper Size of Adequacy) is defined as the specific gravity or number of the self-employed in Korea, which is shown as "Out Put" by statistical analysis of STATA panel statistical data. It is possible to further develop variables such as gross domestic product, gross national product, economic growth rate, unemployment rate, income tax rate, consumer price, tax level, exports, import amount, bill default I want to dig. Results - In addition to expanding economic indicators that can be explained by self-employment determinants, we have developed a variety of methods such as linear and non-linear (U-shaped, inverted U-shaped). It is the improvement of the self-employment determinants and the analysis method to estimate the appropriate scale. Conclusions - The proposed contents are reflected in self - employment appropriateness evaluation data and hope to help the government to select the policy support and to evaluate the government business after the policy support. These efforts are expected to be of great help to operators operating their own businesses, and to government and related institutional practitioners who support them. In this way, self-employment will be created in accordance with the Korean situation, where the happy life of all the people becomes the premise and the inclusive economic activities are guaranteed. It will improve the method of analyzing proper scale of small business owners and self-employed in Korea.


Small Business Owners, Small Business Owners, Traditional Markets, Adequacy Analysis.