Purpose – The purpose of this study was to develop a motivation scale for participation sport tourism and to produce implications of potential use of MSPST for sport tourism distribution emphasizing the needs of sport tourists and the functions required to satisfy those needs. Research design, data, and methodology - The Motivation Scale for Participation Sport Tourism (MSPST) was developed in three stages. A literature review generated 8 dimensions with 42-items in the first stage. Second, an expert review phase refined the initial item pool, which resulted in 35 items. Result - Exploratory factor analysis was employed to produce an 8-factor, 28 item pool. The reduced version was confirmed via structural equation modeling, indicating an acceptable model of fit. The final MSPST consisted of 8 dimensions of motivation, including friendship, family, solitude, challenges, intrinsic, achievement, nature, and competition. Conclusions - The MSPST is a valid and reliable scale of tourists’ motives for participating in sports. The results supported the suggested measures of motives associated with participation sport tourism regarding construct, convergent and discriminant validity. A body of knowledge about motives provides insights for policy-makers seeking to support distributional industries for sport tourism and finally to promote economy on both regional and national levels.


MSPST, Sport Tourism Distribution, Motivation, Segmentation.