Purpose – Based on the analysis of Kazakhstan’s experience of digital transformation, this study suggests a concept for digital solution to optimize organizational process, create trust networking between the center of state scholarships programs and recipients. In addition, the authors contribute to the current discussions of an effective digital transformation of state services. Research design, data, and methodology – Policy analysis is based on the combination of both primary and secondary materials collected during a Policy Research Project conducted in Kazakhstan in 2017. It involved semi-structured interviews with the state scholarship’ recipients, ICT experts and findings from academic articles. Results – Findings are represented via Policy Development Matrix – a table with three options (status quo, partial change, total change) to deal with policy challenges. Authors suggest a concept for digital solution following the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) principles for optimizing core business processes, communication and networking strategies of the state scholarships program. Conclusions – At the time when digitalization becomes trending for states, the transformation of the state education policy is inevitable. The rapid development of digital technologies creates new opportunities for a single integration platform with key principles of Smart Remote Management in the state scholarships programs.


Digital Transformation, Digital Solution, Smart Remote Management, State Policy, State Service, State Scholarship, Bolashak International Scholarship Program, Kazakhstan.