Purpose - This study aims to investigate and analyze the factors that affect women's work productivity based on ethnic in the food and beverage industry. Also, it is also to determine whether there are differences in the productivity of female workers based on these ethnic groups. Research design, data, and Methodology - The approach of this research is quantitative by using multiple linear regression analysis and analysis of different tests using SPSS and tested on 114 samples of female workers in various small-scale, medium-sized food and beverage industry categories and large in Makassar City, Indonesia. Determination of samples based on proportional stratified sampling. Industry sampling criteria based on some workers, assets and wealth. Results and Conclusions - The results of this study state that health, years of service, work ethic, age, wages, and work environment have a significant effect on work productivity. While the level of education, the number of dependents does not have a considerable impact, the fact that there is a difference in the productivity index of female workers in a significant sector is compared to small and medium scale enterprises, including the variables of government policies related to pension insurance, work accident insurance and health insurance.


Distribution Management, Food and Beverage Industry, Productivity.