Purpose – This research aims to investigate the effects that the selection of oriental medicine cosmetics and brand asset attributes have on consumers' economic, emotional and social values in order to shed light on the forms and characteristics of consumption within the globally developing oriental medicine cosmetics market, and in the end positively verify how such perceived values affect purchase intention. In addition, it proposes research outcomes by comparing the differences between national and cultural consumer purchase behavior based on the comparisons of consumer groups in South Korea and China, the major markets for oriental medicine cosmetics. Research design, data, and methodology – Based on advanced research a total of 9 hypotheses were designed and questionnaires consisting of 16 questions to identify six major variables were conducted. Research was carried out centered on Seoul, South Korea, and its surrounding metropolitan area as well as Beijing and Shanghai, China, and a total of 577 sets of significant data were collected. A comparison analysis was then conducted on the data from 285 Koreans and 292 Chinese. A regression analysis and path analysis were also carried out based on a structural equation model to suggest results. Results – Research results show brand value assets had a more crucial impact on consumers' perceived value than consumer selection of oriental medicine cosmetics, while emotional value had a bigger effect on purchase intension than social or economic values. For Chinese consumers in particular, social, economic and emotional values affected purchase intention, while emotional value was the most crucial factor for Korean consumers. Conclusions – With oriental medicine cosmetics, brand characteristics and images that helped express emotional desire proved to be more effective in marketing than the performance aspect of cosmetics, including their functions and ingredients. In the end, products that highlight individual desire and emotion should be introduced instead of those that emphasize price, functions and social characteristics in order to expand the global market of oriental medicine cosmetics.


Oriental Medicine Cosmetics, Cosmetic Selection Attributes, Brand Asset Attributes, Perceived value, Purchase Intention.