Purpose - This case study illustrates the story of eBay Korea, which owns two most leading Korean open market companies, AUCTION and Gmarket. The main concerns are to take over the Korean top domestic companies one by one, then, emerge these two giants through its well-developed post-merger Integration by eBay, an American multinational corporation. Research design, data, and methodology - This case explores various secondary resources such as periodicals, annual reviews, magazine, news articles, commentaries, even some interview materials related to ‘eBay Korea’ and industry source on condition of anonymity based on the critical reviewing of existing studies on these topics as well. Results - The findings of this study show the merger and acquisition of two market leaders in Korea is the only successful case in Asian Markets. The eBay’s choice of entry mode is appropriate considering the timing, synergy and efficiency by sharing their resources. Conclusions - This study examines the successful entry and settlement process of foreign, multinational company through mergers and acquisitions in the Korean market. This would be a valuable in the studies of International Business and Global entry or distribution strategy in the e-commerce and open market dealing with M&A and its post-merger integration.


E-commerce, Open market, Merger and Acquisition, Post-Merger Integration.