Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to briefly review the contemporary global environment to suggest and develop appropriate strategies for KODISA and its journals. Research design, data, and methodology – This is an analytical case study that examines KODISA and its journals and the contemporary environment to demonstrate the importance of developing the future goals. Results - The analysis indicates that KODISA and its journals must decide whether to follow same footsteps of many reputable and big academic associations and journals or to start focusing more on the welfare of the public as an academic institution. Researches and scholarly works should be shared with everyone, and practicality and relevancy of researches should be valued and applied for the general welfare. Conclusions – Based on the progress and current success of KODISA and its journals, their goals should not be limited to just becoming a world renown academic association or journals. Promoting the welfare of the public through researches and scholarly activities should be their ultimate goal as an academic institution and journals. Attracting more practitioners and producing more researches that are practical and applicable to the public would be the first step while maintaining the quality and rigor of their academic and scholarly activities, which include publication practices.


KODISA, Publication Ethics, Global Environment, Academic Association.