Mongolia is a landlocked central asian country located between two great powers, Russia and China. All foreign trade in Mongolia need to pass through this two neighboring countries. Mining industry is expanding rapidly and already became main export sector in Mongolian economy. Majority material of the mining export is raw coal. The export price of Mongolian coal is comparatively lower than that of world market even if the quality is known great. This is because there are not many facilities for coal refinery in Mongolia and one of the way to overcome this shortage is to develop efficient route to export to third countries market. The purpose of this study is to focused on logistic features of Mongolian coal export, and making comparison of current and potential routes for coal export transportation in order to find a possibility to reach third country’s market and its forecasted economic efficiency. For this purpose, firstly, we identified the coal mine location and potential coal deposits in the region and studied transportation to the dry port in border. Then, secondly from dry port to marine port of Southeast Asia, possible shipping routes are calculated on time, cost, and length of each road and comparing the benefits.


Export route, Mongolia, Landlocked country, Route analysis


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