Development of ICT such as Mobile and Internet, changes of distribution industry, and changes of customers made Omni-channel. Omni-channel strategy is one of the main strategy that improve and maximize customer shopping experiences. Most of Omni-channel literatures are describing examples of Omni-channel and development. Also, most of literatures are focused on customer’s aspects. Omni Channel is the latest distribution trend and paradigm. Previous literatures have described or introduced the case of Omni Channel and suggested its future direction. Other stream of studies focused on consumers behaviors in the context of omni channel. The analysis results showed that companies do not generally have a level of response to omni channel and that the system can be operated effectively on Omni Channel and O2O through integrated operation of the logistics center and real-time inventory of the logistics center. In terms of logistics, the lower the satisfaction level of the 3rd Party logistics, the more the manufacturing and distribution companies build their own logistics system. it was analyzed that the self-contained logistics system enhances the competitiveness of the delivery such as One-day delivery or Next Day Shipping. This paper is focused on company’s performance and logistics aspects by using 148 of manufacture companies, 89 of distribution companies, 62 of logistics companies survey data. As a result of the regression analysis, omni-channel’s response level is not well developed. However, integrated logistics center and real-time inventory have impacted positively on Omni-channel and O2O. On logistics aspects, lower satisfaction on 3PL make manufacture and distribution industry to have their own logistics system(1PL, 2PL). These 1PL and 2PL increases one-day and two-day delivery. This paper did comprehensive analysis through 289 companies and can be a basis of studies on the omni-channel field.


3PL, Logistics, Retail industry, Omni channel


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