Chinese Huaben Xiaoshuo(storyteller's book) has been translated steadily since the first translation by Western translators in the 18th century. The text that was retold in English by Lin yutang, Chinese writer, in the global city of New York in 20th century is not a faithful translation of the original work, but has a special meaning in the history of translation of Chinese Huaben Xiaoshuo in that it rewrites the original work by mixing traditional Chinese and modern Western cultures. Chinese Huaben Xiaoshuo retold by Lin Yutang was all three, “The stranger's note”, “The jade goddess”, “Jealousy”. These short stories were recorded in Famous Chinese Short Stories published in 1952 by John Day Book and could met with American readers. Lin yutang, the liberal cosmopolitan Chinese intellectual, retold the vernacular Chinese short stories by borrowing the techniques of Western modern novels with the universal theme of world literature such as women's equality, eternal love, romantic affection. His transcultural rewriting was a creative attempt to enjoy reading of cosmopolitan modern people.


중국(China), 화본소설(Huaben Xiaoshuo), 문화횡단(Cross- Cultural), 번역(Translation), 다시쓰기(Rewriting), 임어당(Lin Yutang), 미국(United States of America), 자유주의(Liberalism), 코스모폴리탄(Cosmopolitan), 1952년(The Year 1952)


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