“Zhu-Hsi’s Reading Method(the way of reading that Zhu-Hsi(1130~ 1200) passed down)” is the collection, selected from what Zhu-Hsi said about reading by Zhānghóng and Jae-Hee. The purpose of its compilation was to correct scholars' erroneous methods of the study to guide them to right reading methods. “Zhu-Hsi’s Reading Method” selected a wide range of writing genres from “Zhu Hsi's Collected Works,” and “Zhu Hsi's Words” Collection to classify and arrange codes and six items; gradual moving forward(循序漸進), To read a book thoroughly and think with precision(熟讀精思), to make mind empty to be immersed in the book(虛心涵泳), to check and reflect oneself(切己體察), to study tightly(著緊用力), and to stabilize the mind and estabilish one's will firmly(居敬持志). In addition, compared to the reading methods, seen from the 10th volume and the 11th volume of “Zhu Hsi's Words' Collection,” “Zhu-Hsi’s Reading Method” contain more contents covering the reading method of “Zhu Hsi's Words' Collection.” Regarding the ways of editing, a toal of 6 ways; quotation, cut, combination, segmentation, transformation, and movement were used. However, the editing process reached a limit in that the contents or contexts were not smoothly connected due to the problems such as misspelling and unreasonable cutting and combination.


주자독서법(zhu-Hsi’s Reading Method), 강령과 6조목(a code and six articles), 6가지 편집방식(six Editing method), 3가지 한계점(Three Problems)


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