Purpose – This study analyzes how Hanssem, which ranks first in domestic market in the furniture industry, responds to the expansion of IKEA, a large overseas furniture maker, and investigates the recent strategic changes of Hanssem and IKEA. Research design, data, and methodology – As a research method, a general method of case studies, literature research, is carried out through academic research results, reports, articles, and statistics. In addition, methods such as field observation and interview with stakeholder were performed to collect in-depth understanding and information about the companies. Results – Along with its core competences, Hanssem has pursued strategic changes to compensate for its weaknesses. IKEA has also used a variety of strategies changes to match the situation in Korea. Conclusion – Both companies have properly balanced localization elements and standardization strategies that value the needs of local consumers. In particular, Hanssem has implemented various strategies based on its core competence in response to IKEA's strategy. In addition, Hanssem and IKEA are actively managing and have good performance not only in Korea but also in foreign markets.


IKEA, Hanssem, Furniture, Distribution, Retailor, Strategy