Purpose - Research on community empowerment based on superior commodities to improve the economic resilience of the tourist village of Lumajang Regency is an investigative descriptive study to obtain an overview of the problems of community economic development, especially regarding economic resilience. The output of this research activity is the formation of integrated and comprehensive strategic programs and activities in order to improve economic empowerment and food security of the community around the tourist village. Research design, data, and methodology - This research method applies several methods of analysis such as the Loqation Quotion (LQ) method, SWOT analysis, Trend analysis, and analysis of Community Economic Empowerment in the agricultural sub-sector. Results - This research has strategic values and objectives in addition to providing important information to improve food security of tourism villages in Lumajang district in particular and disadvantaged communities in Indonesia in general. Through this supportive community economic empowerment programs, Lumajang District has an agricultural area and at the same time as a nature-based tourism area that supports it. Conclusion - Village tourism community empowerment activities are taken based on existing superior commodities. The existing tourism village program in Lumajang district can be used as one of the references for the upcoming tourism village program.


Economic Resilience, Multy Method Analysis, Empowerment.