This study aims to contribute to the development of sports wearables. It was conducted by a convergence team of professionals in the fashion industry, kinesiology and sports studies, and computer science and engineering. The purpose of the current study was to design and develop a fabric-type fitness band for a sensor to measure acceleration during jump rope exercises. Computer science and engineering professionals developed the Arduino board and sensor, kinesiology and sports studies provided the necessary exercise protocol, and the fashion industry professionals developed the band. First, a fitness band preference survey was completed by men and women between the ages of 20 and 50. Typical uses of the band included tracking exercise amount as measured by the number of steps taken and calories burned. Strap watch closure, a single color and achromatic color, and soft and smooth touch materials were preferred as band design. Second, two fabric-type fitness bands were designed and developed. Design 1 had a 3-dimensional pocket for the sensor, bright blue color, and stretch binding around the edges and for a loop. Design 2 had a flat pocket for the sensor, achromatic color, mesh binding around the edges and two metal loops. Both designs had Velcro as a closure. Third, wear testing of both bands with the sensor were conducted of 15 women in their 20s. They wore the bands during jump rope exercises. Both bands generally satisfied the participants. The Design 2 band was slightly more satisfying than the Design 1 band.


smart band, fitness band, wearable device, jump rope, convergence research