Purpose - To active the Korea kimchi distribution, this study aims to investigate the effect of Korea national image and kimchi image on kimchi purchase intention. this study suggest the strategies for kimchi export to China by examining how the Chinese perceptions of Korean kimchi. Research design, data, and methodology - For this study, empirical analysis was conducted based on survey results. A questionnaire was distributed to a total of 400 Chinese consumers. Of these, 280 were collected and 278 were used for statistical processing, excluding 2 that were found to be unsuitable for analysis. This study was performed by the regression analysis using the spss24 statistical program. Results - As a results, It was not significant that the Chinese consumers’ familiarity on the Korea image will have a positive effect on their kimchi purchase intention. On the other hand, the kimchi/Korean food image of Chinese consumers’ will increase their kimchi consumption experience. Conclusions - The Chinese consumers’ positive image on kimchi/Korean food in terms of the unique characteristics of kimchi, health aspects and preference of kimchi is positively influenced when they have higher image on Korea related to its national characteristics, and that of the higher image for Korea has a positive effect on kimchi purchase intention.


Kimchi Industry, Kimchi Image, Chinese Consumers, National Image.