Objectives : This study aimed to investigate the satisfaction of Korean medicine doctors (KMD) who conducted Korean medicine school doctor program (KMSD). We are going to use study as a foundation for activation KMSD program. Methods : Seoul Korean medicine association and Seoul metropolitan office of education conducted KMSD program for 22 schools in 2017. The program included health lessons, health counseling, and health care programs. After program finished, we carried out self-administered questionnaire survey to KMD who participated in KMSD program and we analysed it. Results : A total of 45 people answered the questionnaire, and 56% of respondents answered as ‘Good progress’ and 44% answered as ‘Bad progress’. The reason for good progress was ‘Good cooperation of School’ (47.4%). ‘Personalized program for participant’ (23.68%), ‘Support of Seoul Korean Medicine Association’ (21.1%). The reason for ‘Bad progress’ was ‘Bad cooperation of School’ (37.8%), ‘Lack of personal circumstances’ (32.4%), ‘Lack of motivation’ (16.2%). The advantage of KMSD program included ‘It is helpful for positive perception of the Korean medicine’ and ‘Korean medicine can contribute to improving public health, which is the health of schools’ was 25%, ‘It is helpful in expanding the services of Korean medicines to children and adolescents’ was 17.6%, ‘Highly satisfaction in participations’ was 15.7%. The question of prerequisites for activation KMSD Program included ‘Active cooperation of school’ was 35.05%, ‘Expand teaching materials and programs’ was 20.62%, ‘Support of Seoul Korean Medicine Association’ was 15.46%. Conclusions : We will organize and activate programs of KMSD program and conduct program based on harmony of local community and school support, research of school health program. The program will contribute to improve student health and develop Korean health support program.


School Doctor, Korean medicine school doctor (KMSD), School health