Objectives : This study was conducted to survey on the research trends of Pharmacopuncture in Korea. Methods : We searched Korean research database by using keyword ‘Pharmacopuncture’, ‘Bee venom’. Korean research databases were Korean Studies Information Service System(KISS), Research Information Service System(RISS), National Digital Science Library(NDSL) and Korean Medicine Information System(OASIS). We classified articles identified by publish year, type of research and diseases. Results : We analyzed 533 studies. Clinical studies and non-clinical studies except literature studies were decreased from 2015. However, Literature studies had not shown particular change over the past decade. Pharmacopuncture treated disease was classified by Korean standard classification of disease(KCD), M-code (37.8%), G-code(18.4%) were frequently used. Conclusions : A variety of disease was treated by pharmacopuncture. It is necessary to increase the level of evidence of pharmacopuncture. through additional studies in the future.


pharmacopuncture, research trends, Korean journals, traditional Korean medicine