Objectives : Recently, the interest on medical education in flipped learning has been growing. Competencybased curriculum is also required through changes in teaching methods within the Korean medicine education. In this study, flipped learning method was applied to ‘medical ethics’ class to examine the perception and experience of flipped learning from the Korean medical student’s perspectives. Methods : The study was conducted on 15 preparatory course freshmen students who took the ‘medical ethics’ course, in the second semester of the year 2017 at ‘A’ University. The study was proceded in two steps; 1) fill-in the questionnaire twice (before and after the class), and 2) in-depth interview with semi-structured questionnaire. The 1st questionnaire in the first step was consisted of ‘Experience on flipped learning before the class’, ‘Which section of the flipped learning class do participants have expectation’, ‘Interest and expectation on flipped learning’. In the 2nd questionnare, the participants were asked ‘Which section of the flipped learning section that the learning effect was maximized’, ‘Association between ‘flipped learning’ method and ‘Medical ethics’ course’ with 5-point Likert scale and frequency. Results : The results showed that flipped learning method works very effectively in the ‘medical ethics’ course (63.6%). After the flipped learning class, the participants showed positive change in a attitude of the class (72.7%). However, this teaching method might be inappropriate for participants who had difficulties in pre-learning or a passive attitude and lecture-centered instruction (LCI) classes. Conclusions : Though applying flipped learning method to the ‘Medical Ethics’ was effective, to make pre-learning better, the instructors should prepare countermeasures for passive participants, help interact well among the participants, and plan a lesson thoroughly for changing LCI classes to student-centerd instruction(SCI).


Filpped Learning, Teaching Method, Biomedical ethics Education, in-depth interview