Purpose – In the insurance distribution channel, the salespeople plays a role of representing the company, and recognizes the needs of the customers and plays a role in responding to them. Therefore, their turnover can have a great influence on the company performance. The purpose of this study is to investigate the structural relationship between salespeople's personal - environmental fit and organizational commitment and turnover intention. Research design, data, and methodology – Data collection was conducted a self-filling questionnaire for salespeople for about one month from July 24, 2017 to August 30, 2017. The subjects of the questionnaire were the insurance salespeople who work in the sales line such as K life, S fire. A total of 450 copies were distributed and 432 copies of the questionnaire were used for final analysis. The analysis program used SPSS 22.0 and AMOS 22.0 programs. Analysis method was Frequency Analysis, Reliability & Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Correlation Analysis and Structural Equation Model(SEM). Results – As a result of Hypothesis 1, Person-Supervisor Fit had significant influence only on Continuance Commitment. Person-Job Fit did not have a significant effect on Organizational Commitment. Person-Coworker Fit had a significant effect on Continuance Commitment and Affective Commitment. Person-Organization Fit had a significant impact on Affective Commitment. Therefore, only <H 1_3>, <H 1_7>, <H 1_8>, <H 1_9>, <H 1_10> were adopted. As a result of Hypothesis 2, Continuance Commitment had a significant effect on turnover intention. Therefore, only <H 2_3> was adopted. Conclusions – This study suggests that it is necessary to manage the human resources in the sales field through studies related to salespeople's extension of the research scope and salespeople's turnover intention. Based on the results of this study, the conclusion suggests some implications for the efficient human resources management of insurance companies in sales channels. It is expected that it will be helpful for the salespeople to find out what kind of Person-Environment Fit affects the organizational commitment and how to manage the organizational commitment among the three dimensions of organizational commitment to reduce turnover intention.


Personal-Environment Fit. Organizational Commitment, Turnover Intention, Insurance Sales Employees.