Purpose – In the 21st century, as information technology advances alongside the emergence of the 4th generation, industrial age, industrial environment has become individualized and customized. It is important to hire good quality employees for good service in the industry. The e-learning market is growing every year. Although e-learning companies are finding better quality employees in e-learning, it is not easy to find it. Companies also spend a lot of time and cost to find employee. On the employees side, they want to get a job freely when they want, but they cannot find their job easily. Furthermore, the labor market environment is changing fast. In the 4th generation, industrial age, employers require to find manpower whenever they need and want at little cost. So of their own accord, we have considered the necessity of management of human resources for employees and employers in e-learning. The purpose of this study is to propose a human cloud platform framework for enabling an efficient management of human resources in e-learning industry. Research design, data, and methodology - To pinpoint the items of a human cloud platform framework, the study was initiated according to the following process. First, items of competency relating to e-learning instructional designer was analyzed. Second, based on the items of information from this analysis, selection and validity verification took place with 5 e-learning specialists group. Third, the opinion of experts who were in charge of hiring in e-learning companies were collated with the questionnaire. Lastly, the human cloud platform framework was proposed based on opinion results. Results – The framework was comprised of 7 domains and 27 items in order to develop the human cloud platform for e-learning instructional designer. The analysis results showed that the most highly considered item were 'skill (4.60)' that employee already have the capability. Following this (in order) were 'project type (4.56)', ‘work competency (4.56)’, and ‘strength area of instructional design (4.52)’. Conclusions – The 27 items in the human cloud platform framework were suggested in this study. Following this, we can consider to develop the human cloud platform for finding a job and hiring e-learning instructional designer easily. For successful platform operation, we need to consider reliability between employer and employee. In addition, we need quality assurance system based on operation has public confidence.


e-Learning, Human Cloud, Human Resources Distribution, Instruction Designer, Labor.