Purpose – Recently, internet access and social network utilization using smart phone are increasing. In such a smart environment, interactive activities such as information generation, information searching and information sending are increasing rapidly on-line environment. Therefore, consumers tend to purchase something according to eWOM and also meet the social consensus online environment. In connectivity society, consumers became accessible and engaged in the opinions of others easily. Many decisions that seem like personal decisions are actually social decisions on online connectivity. This paper seeks to explore factors that can help generate a social decision on purchasing of new products in an online environment. Research design, data, and methodology – The process of collecting a lot of wisdom and making an agreement online is called social decision. The purpose of this paper is to examine empirically the influence of factors such as online ties, online eWOM expectancy and online information behavior on online social decision. In addition, We studied online social decision by analyzing the moderating effect of new product innovation. To understand this structural relationship, research hypotheses and research models were set up and empirical analysis was conducted. In order to verify the hypothesis, 208 questionnaires were collected from the residents of Seoul city/Gyeonggi province. The answered questionnaire verifies reliability and validity using SPSS/AMOS and test hypotheses through path analysis and multiple regression analysis. Results – According to the research results, First, online ties don’t have a positive impact on online social decision, Second, online eWOM expectancy have a positive impact on online social decision. Third, online information behaviors have a positive impact on online social decision. The degree of innovation of new products have a moderating effect between Independent variables of three factors and dependent variable of social decision. Conclusions - Social decisions have a positive impact on purchasing decisions about new product. There is a great significance in the fact that the online social influence and online social decision have been studied academically. It is meaningful that we have studied in depth the changing phenomenon of consumer purchase decision process in smart environment. The results of these studies provide academic and practical implications.


Ties, Information Behavior, eWOM Expectancy, Online Social Decision, New Product.