This study selected fashion brands claiming to advocate feminism to analyze their characteristics and female images. For the study’s data, online foreign feminist fashion brands were sifted from March 2017 to January 2018 and 28 clothing brands were selected. The study’s results show that feminist fashion brands aim at the demassification and individualization of fashion products to be more inclusive of individuals’ physical characteristics and diversity. Additionally, feminist brands entice consumption through communication and participation in online communities and through the value of social coexistence. The essential female image produced by feminist fashion brands deconstructs a socially idealized female image and expresses a sense of self-body positivity. In turn, the concept of self-body positivity is communicated through natural images of independent women with distinct identities based on differences in race, culture, and sexual orientation. Moreover, feminist fashion brands produce social images featuring independent women using active wear to engage in social activities. Casual wear is also used to reflect active women, while mannish looks and power suits express women’s social status and professional abilities. Ultimately, these offer functionally active and rational images, combined with female images featuring long hair and makeup. Yet another type of female image seeks to create a new vision of women as diverse due to their various cultures, countries of origin, races, and individual tastes. These new images express women’s physical differences, distinct identities, and diversity while simultaneously deconstructing pre-existing forms of clothing.


feminism, fashion brand, female image