The purpose of this study was to make a pants pattern suitable for women 70 to 85 years of age, then analyze that- pattern’s shape, size, appearance, fit, allowance and air gap. Participants made the pattern using 3D simulation program DC Suite version 5.1. The results suggest a design method suitable for the lower-body shapes of elderly women. In external appearance, the A-type earned the highest evaluation in all items except the allowance of the back waist and back hip. The L type earned the highest evaluation in the allowance of back waist and hips. The A-type’s, back waist appeared set at an angle that did not match the body shape of an old-old aged woman in the center-back-line setting. Therefore, the pattern method of A-type combined with L-type’s method of center back, produces an excellent pants pattern. Evaluation of the air gaps among patterns revealed that; the A-type showed the largest air gap in waist and hip circumference and the smallest air gap in thigh circumference. The waists, abdomen, and hip circumferences of older women often become larger while their legs become slimmer. This study accounted for those factors in determining a pattern suitable for the lower-body shape of old-old aged women. However, participants only analyzed four patterns and compared them with women 70 to 85, years of age. Therefore, it is necessary to develop industrial patterns applicable to a wide age group.


old-old age women, pants pattern, 3D data