Currently, dramatic change had led to the growth of the distribution environment and the retailer’s distribution channel. This change had shifted the ‘single channel’ to ‘multi channel’, and from ‘cross channel’ to ‘omni channel’. While fashion companies using omni channel are rapidly growing, few research regarding omni channel had been done in academic field. In this study, we examined the influence of omni channel characteristics on consumers’ perceived risk as well as consumers’ perceived risk toward attitude and intention to use omni channel. We surveyed 696 male and female respondents aged 20 to 40 who lived in Seoul and the metropolitan area. Using AMOS 20.0, factor analysis, reliability analysis, and structural equation model analysis were performed to verify the model of this study. The results were as follows. First, omni channel’s instant connectivity, location-based provability, interactivity, and entertainment factors did not decrease impacts on the perceived risk related to privacy and annoyance. Second, omni channel’s instant connectivity and entertainment did not increase effects on the perceived financial risk, and location-based provability and interactivity did not increase effect on perceived financial risk. Third, the perceived risk concerning omni channel did not decrease on consumer attitude toward omni channel. Fourth, consumer attitude toward omni channel influenced the intention to use omni channel significantly.


omni channel, omni channel characteristics, privacy, economic risk, annoyance