In this study, we analyzed the whole design of the necklace in detail, which reflects the artistic sense of handicraft in couture. The purpose of the study was to identify the characteristics of the design based on the analysis findings and to provide basic data to help fashion designers. The research method entailed analyzing trends in necklace design - viewed in fashion magazines and on websites - by year, season, brand, kind, material, color, and image. The identified necklace design characteristics were as follows. First, artistry and originality are dramatically expressed through the use of a broad range of materials. Second, due to the necklace’s role as an object of perfect beauty, in a number of images, the necklaces were presented in convergence and contrast with overall costumes. Third, the dramatic effects of layering revealed a strong presence and individualized styling. Necklaces are created with diverse sculptures by realizing the creative imagination of fashion designers. Even though they looked a little different every year, there were designs in the collections constantly. Round shape and princess length were preferred. In particular, the mix type was used to express dramatic effect by focusing neck part in entire styling which different length of necklaces were layered and worn. As a result, it meets the needs of consumers who emphasize brand differentiation and diversity, and it is believed that the role of necessities in fashion will continue and it creates economic demand in the fashion industry.


necklace, haute couture, design analysis, design feature, total coordination