The purpose of this study is to propose a mobile rack for glass transportation which is improved and commercialized to be applied to the glass logistics market, and to introduce an evaluation system for the operation support and flat glass logistics efficiency. In this study, we compared the mobile racks based on the concept design and the improved mobile racks reflecting the Production design, testing, and operating rules. Also, based on the modified mobile rack specification, we introduce the decision making modules for determining the number of appropriate racks and vehicles to reflect the operating rules. And based on the decision making modules, we proposed a logistics efficiency evaluation system that evaluates the load rate, logistics cost, and economic efficiency compared to existing racks. We calculated logistics cost savings of mobile rack compared to existing racks by using the logistics efficiency evaluation system. In addition to this, the future utilization of mobile rack for glass transportation and expansion plans are concluded.


Glass product, Mobile rack, Loading rate, Standardization, Logistics cost