The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of environmental uncertainty on the factors of Smart SCM and the effects of Smart SCM factors on the business performance of the companies constituting the reactive supply chain. In addition, it examines the difference of environmental uncertainty, Smart SCM factor, and perception of enterprise management performance according to location on the supply chain. The results of the research hypothesis are as follows. First, hypothesis tests between environmental uncertainty factors and Smart SCM factors show that complexity and hostility have a positive (+) influence on supply chain integration and agility. And dynamics and abundance have positive (+) significant effects on information systems. In addition, as a hypothesis test between Smart SCM and corporate management performance, supply chain integration has a positive influence only on internal performance, and agility and information system have a positive influence on both internal and external performance. It goes crazy. Finally, the difference in perceptual difference according to the location on the supply chain was not significantly tested. Based on the results of these research hypotheses, the academic and practical implications of this study are summarized as follows. First, it is a study on the multidimensional nature of environmental uncertainty. As a study between environmental uncertainty and Smart SCM factors, we examined the effect of multidimensional environmental uncertainties perceived by individual firms on Smart SCM factors. Second, the higher the perceived level of environmental uncertainty, the higher the level of Smart SCM factors. Third, we confirmed that we can improve corporate management performance by building Smart SCM factors. Lastly, it is confirmed that the companies that constitute the reactive supply chain have similar perception about the uncertainties of management environment, the factors of Smart SCM, and business performance.


Multidimensional of environmental uncertainty, Smart SCM, Enterprise and Supply, Chain performance