Information-oriented business of freight transportation market which is propeled in 1990s is progressing at speed since 2010. Information-oriented business's technological background is propagation of smart phone, ubiquitous computing, web service and location based service. And Social background is irrationality of freight transportation market, distorted trade information, openness to information and showing impartiality. To achieve all the things, we have to apply online administrative procedure system to freight transportation market. But freight transportation market's backwardness and littleness make slow. And the biggest obstacle is paper-document environment. Other industry such as public institution, financial industry,and service industry is already have a online system, so on this study, we do success factor analysis about cargo receipt in freight forwarding to certified electronic address. To analysis, we use AHP method and IPA analysis. So we show importance of success factor and present level.


Cargo receipt, Freight forwarding, Certified electronic address