Purpose – There have been not enough studies on the ways customer Moment of Truth(MOT) activities are structured along with consumption chain and their influences as well as the relative influences of service quality at Moment of Truth on customer performance. Therefore, customer service needs needed at Moment of Truth may differ depending on whether these distribution services are at introduction-growth stages or maturity-decline stage already, but there is no study which illustrates this. Research design, data, and methodology – This study selects VoIP and IPTV as the household telecommunication and distribution services at introduction-growth stages as well as high speed internet and wire telephone as those at maturity-decline stages. Then it identifies which experiences that customers have at Moment of Truth by each service as well as the influences related to what the customers consider as important. Results – As the result of demonstration with the target of 858 respondents, customers’ experiences and requests differ at Moment of Truth. For service quality, what takes the positive roles in customer performance includes corporeality and certainty for the services at introduction-growth stages as well as reliability, sympathy, and mutuality for those at maturity-decline stages. Conclusions – Implications of these results as well as further directions for study are suggested.


Household Telecommunication, Distribution Services, Moment of Truth(Mot), Service Quality, Product Life Cycle(PLC).