Purpose - These days, an individual user, private entity, hears everyday news of hacking and personal information leakage in the era of a most-connected society. This study investigates cyber attack, cyber insurance and distribution channels for insurance goods in South Korea by analyzing various cases of cyber attacks in domestic and overseas case. Research design, data and methodology - This study adopted various study cases instead of the one large case for deep quality analysis, and focused on various cases of domestic and overseas cyber attacks with insurance. Result - As a result of analyzing the cases that were hacked, types of massive losses and damages arising out of internet blackout due to cyber risks are paralyzation of public and private website and portal, electronic administrative system, public infrastructure, and consequently a normal operation of nation is impossible. These losses and damages however can be coverable under cyber insurance. Conclusions - This paper suggests insurance carriers, as suppliers, should provide multiple channels to sell to the customer and should expand the strategy of advertisement and promotion in order for them to change their mind and compare the price and value of the information of individual users and private entity in view of cost savings.


Internet of Things, Internet Blackout, Cyber Risk, Information Leakage, Distribution Channel.