This study examined images typical to this city and explored ways to develop cultural products using these images. Researchers reviewed literature about fashion cultural products and related previous research, and then conducted a closed-ended survey to analyze universal fashion preferences. For the examination material, such a way was used as information data base and network review inside and outside the country, dissertation screen, and published media including separate volumes. The following are considering points in the developing process. First, the study identified design, color, price, practicality and quality as factors that should be taken into consideration when using the image of Gangneung. In particular, it determined that the image needs to reflect a modern sensibility while maximizing its representation of local culture. Second, Gangneung’s symbolic image should incorporate the sea, Gyeongpo, and coffee. In other words, the sea, Gyeongpo, and coffee should receive top symbolic priority. Third, from a development perspective, the most appropriate items for displaying the image include t-shirts, keychains, umbrellas, or other accessories, since these items are easily available in terms of price. In sum, this study highlighted the necessity of reconsidering Gangneung’s currents ymbolic image, suggesting that a new image should be developed. Developing a typical fashion cultural product image will enrich Gangneung’s cultural industry and the distribution of newly designed products will improve the localeconomy.


fashion cultural product, preference, symbolizing image, Gangneung