This study examined which aspects of the three elements(attractive, task oriented, interpersonal sensitive) in the supervisory style would influence the supervisees’ acceptance and satisfaction with supervision. And it also examined the mediating effect of supervisory working alliance. Research participants were 164 music therapy students who had received supervision within the six months. PLS Structural Equation Model was used in data analysis. Results showed that the supervisory style(attractive, task oriented, interpersonal sensitive) had a significant effect on supervisees’ satisfaction. but, acceptance did not have a significant effect. The supervisory working alliance was a significant mediating in the effects of supervisees’ acceptance and satisfaction. The difference in supervisory style(attractive, task oriented, interpersonal sensitive) was not significant. Thus, the three elements of supervisory style appeared to work together in the supervisor’s capacity. As a result, in order to increase the supervisees’ acceptance without staying satisfaction, a supervisory working alliance should be established.


attractive style, task oriented style, interpersonal sensitive style, supervisory working alliance, supervisees’ acceptance and satisfaction