The purpose of this study was to investigate the present state of parent counseling in the field of music therapy, the necessity and expectation of parent counseling, and the therapist’s perception of the difficulties experienced. To this research, the number of 113 music therapist who have members of Korean Music Therapy Association were conducted questionnaire survey. The results are as follows. First, most music therapists report that their parents are counseled after every session of therapy within 10 minutes of their mothers immediately after music therapy. Second, music therapists are very necessary for parent counseling to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and to understand the child’s problem behavior. Third, music therapists reported parental variables as the most difficult factors, such as uncooperative attitudes and lack of insight. The results of this study suggest that it is necessary to consider the various variables influencing the parent counseling and to use the flexible approach to the clinical situation. Also, it suggests that education and training are needed to prevent psychological exhaustion of therapists.


parent counseling, music therapy