The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of music therapists’ perceived professional development level and resilience on burnout according to their level of work experiences. Furthermore, this study aimed to determine the moderating effects of resilience in this relationship. 151 music therapists who registered in the Korean Music Therapy Association participated in this study and completed measures of Maslach’s Burnout Inventory, Professional Development Scales for Creative Arts Therapists, and Resilience Scales. As a result, first, music therapists of 1 < 3 years of work experiences scored statistically highest for burnout. Secondly, results showed that the level of work experiences significantly influenced music therapists’ perceived resilience. Also, music therapists having more than 5 years of work experiences showed the highest scores in interpersonal insight and warmth, confident optimism, and skilled expressiveness compared to other groups. Thirdly, the level of music therapists’ development level significantly influenced burnout and therapeutic relationship was shown to be a significant factor to reduce their level of burnout. Finally, resilience moderated the effects of music therapists’ development level on burnout.


music therapist, years of work experiences, development level, professional development level, burnout, resilience