This study examines the effects of the trait-anxiety of music therapy experts and interns on countertransference management ability; further, it analyzes the mediating effects of professional Self-efficacy on this ability. By using the SPSS 22.0 program, this study analyzed data collected from 117 music therapy experts and interns. The research results of the hypotheses revealed the following aspects: First, the trait-anxiety of music therapy experts and interns has negative effects on countertransference management ability. Second, the professional Self-efficacy of music therapy experts and interns mediates the relationship between trait-anxiety and countertransference management ability. This study’s results are significant as they provide the basic data required for identifying the factors influencing the countertransference management ability of music therapists and for effectively managing the countertransference occurring in a clinical situation.


music therapist, countertransference management ability, trait-anxiety, professional self-efficacy