Purpose - As society continues to develop and the economy grows, consumer participation in sports activities and consumption of sports-related goods are steadily increasing. Nowadays, Spyder, the sporting goods company has achieved great success in the Korean market. In the launching, Spyder tried to communicate the sport authentic brand value to consumers as successful sporting goods brands did. The purpose of this study is to identify the key factors influencing the successful branding strategies of sporting goods retailers. In the process of value trading to the consumer, the concept of authenticity which includes ‘originality’, ‘truth’ and ‘genuine’ is considered as one of the most important factor for branding. This study tries to define the brand authenticity in sporting goods retailer and to develop measurement scale. This study suggests a new paradigm for sports brand research and implications for management of domestic sporting goods retailer that is losing the direction to develop brand value. Research design, data, and methodology - This research consists of two parts of study. The first study is a qualitative research to define sport brand authenticity and measuring items through expert interviews. The second study is the development of scales to the authenticity. And reliability and validity of the scales are verified by quantitative methods. A total of 500 respondents were surveyed and the statistical tests were conducted by dividing two groups. Results - This study defines the authenticity of sports brand which is divided into four dimensions; behavioral authenticity, performance authenticity, spiritual authenticity and virtuous authenticity. And this newly defined four dimensions measurement tool is proved statistically in this study in terms of reliability and validity. Conclusions - For the success of sporting goods retailers, it is important to understand the value of sport and to communicate it with customers effectively. This study suggests a tool for sport brand authenticity and also significant implications for brand strategies. In addition, every entity which is related with sport can apply the measurement scale of this study to understand their position and find direction in terms of authentic sport value.


Sporting Goods Retailer, Sport Brand Authenticity, Performance Authenticity, Spiritual Authenticity, Virtuous Authenticity.