Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyze and illustrate Amazon’s business strategies and its success in terms of its distribution strategy and business practices. Research design, data, and methodology – This is an analytical case study that examines Amazon’s business strategies to demonstrate the importance of technologies to the success and sustainability of its organization. Results - The analysis indicates that the business strategies, including technology, distribution infrastructure, and customer service, are the most vital factor for the success and rise of Amazon, and these strategies have separated Amazon from its competitors in both e-tail and brick and mortar retail industries. Conclusions - Given Amazon’s continued growth that came with its constant strive for delivery and cost efficiency, technology innovation, and customer satisfaction, it was inevitable that Amazon would eventually venture into different types of businesses. The previous and current Amazon’s business strategies demonstrate that Amazon will continue to focus on developing and implementing new and creative strategies to separate itself from the rest of the retail and e-businesses. Furthermore, retail businesses in the most high-tech countries in the world, including Japan, Korea, and Russia, may have to adopt business strategies that are similar to those of Amazon to maintain their competitiveness.


Amazon, Business Strategies, Distribution, Retail Industry.