Purpose – This study aims to identify of prospective areas for the formation of information and high technology clusters, and propose the new distribution of Kazakhstan's regions according to the innovative development and the ability to perceive IT products. Research design, data, and methodology – The application of scientific methods in this research will allow to systematize the available data, from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. In addition, the authors proposed methodological approaches, which have a three-tiered gradation: macro-level, meso-level and micro-level. Results – This study confirms the importance of using of proposed methods and its application for real data in order to the formation of IT and high technology clusters. Further, the obtained results allowed identifying of the distribution of Kazakhstan's regions by innovative development and specialization with using of HHI indexes. Conclusions – According to the results of this theoretical and empirical study proved that distribution of the regions of Kazakhstan and results of HHI indexes shows the power of the agglomeration effect. In addition, according to the conducted survey, we conclude that in Kazakhstan there are sufficient organizational and economic opportunities, trends and conditions for the formation of IT and high technology clusters.


Regional Development, Distribution, Innovation, Information Technology, Green Economy.