This study focused on mobile phone dependency among adolescents, and we examined the effects of parenting style and adaptation to school life on mobile phone dependency. In addition, we confirmed the importance of leisure activities satisfaction through moderated regression analysis. This study analyzed raw data of 2,342 middle school students and 2,378 high school students of KCYPS data in 2016. The major findings are as follows. First, there was a significant difference between middle school and high school students in parenting style, school life adjustment, leisure activity satisfaction, and mobile phone dependency level. Second, all independent variables had a significant negative correlation with mobile phone dependency. Third, parent supervision and learning activities had a significant impact on both middle and high school students due to mobile phone dependency. Fourth, leisure activities satisfaction was found to be partially moderated in relation with each variable. Based on the results of this study, we suggested a method to prevent the dependence of mobile phones on adolescents.


Parenting Style, Adaptation to School Life, Mobile Phone Dependency, Leisure Activity Satisfaction