Global B2C logistics companies are actively investing in and developing small cargo delivery service through drones. This is because the cost of transportation for last-mile delivery accounts for 30% of the total transportation cost. However, there are various problems in putting drones into small cargo delivery service. First, there are problems related to drone technology, and second, it is institutional problem. In this study, we propose a MINLP model to estimate the drone 's delivery plan by emphasizing durability and delivery stability among the technical problems of drones. The proposed model prevented the drones from failing through preventive replacement. In addition, the preventive replacement plan should not be duplicated so that the delivery capacity is maximized. Also, the MINLP model is defined as a multi knapsack problem, and a MULDRONE algorithm is proposed to quickly calculate the value close to the optimal solution. Finally, we showed a method to calculate proper the number of drone from a long-term perspective through simulation using algorithms.


Drone, Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming, Multiple Knapsack Problem