This study analyzed the body shape of the body of 17~19 years old female students using the SPSS 20.0 statistical program according to the 7th Korea Human Body Survey. Factor analysis was based on six factors including body size, body height, shoulder length, and width, upper body length, hip length, and shoulder inclination related factors. Through this cluster analysis, the body shape of late adolescent female student was classified into four types. Body type 1 was the highest body height factor, and the upper body length and the hip length factor were lower. It was analyzed as ‘Long leg in the body’. Body type 2 is the ‘narrow shoulder skinny type’ with high hip and shoulder slope factors and low body size, body height, shoulder length, and width factor. Body type 3 showed body size, shoulder length, height and hip length factor, and body height factor was rather low ‘low hip obese body shape’. Body type 4 was analyzed as ‘lower shoulder long upper body type’ with higher upper body length factor and lower body size and shoulder slope factor. It is thought that when the pattern is made, it is possible to produce excellent patterns by fitting the dimensions of the body, as well as the dimensions of the shoulder width, the slope, and the hip length.


late adolescent female students, body shape type, 3D human body shape data