Developments in the recent media era has made distortion possible in accordance with changes in the fashion industry as new clothing, technologies, and fusions have become available. Nevertheless, previous studies of specific types of clothing, and their classification for the purpose of research are lacking. Thus, this study examines the development of the Pomme de look and the form of modern variant that appears in fashion clothing and new technologies, and largely examines the clothing case to clean it up. The method employed is leading research that examines the transformation about the concept of the Pomme de look with regard to the fashion about the type of look in the 2000s and onwards. This is organized in accordance with the analytical and physical characteristics, and the esthetic aspects of the results are as follows. The conclusions reached as follows are based on this; first, the physical characteristic manner when based on previous looks, the two-dimensional deformation for making clothes, if there was a simple way, now has more dimensions. Clothes are made in a complex manner and variations emerge. Second, esthetic characteristics strive for beauty while also displaying the modified and more complex manners of clothing that are emerging. Third, the fusion clothing with machines effects to physical and psychological changes through the details about how the sensor is worn. The enemy, the appearance of distortion, and clothing are emerging. This is expected to grow further based on the rapid development of new technologies and the transformation of Pomme de look and design will appear in more varied ways to create a convergence.


contemporary fashion, transformed look, technologies