In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the senior people in our aging society. This paper will give an account of the current cases of senior shift. The first section of this paper will examine a conceptual approach based on a literature review and analyze case studies of senior shifts by national fashion and beauty brands. It will be helpful for the ‘New Senior’ consumer group, which in emerging in an aging society. The research methods applied were a literature review and a case study, and a database search was conducted to determine the current situation of global brands. The results of the literature review showed that seniors can be classified into four types based on their physical aging condition and emotional tendency: Prime Senior, Smart Senior, Rational Senior, and Slump Senior. The first thing that needs to be said is that the Prime Senior type is found commonly in as a way to appoint a senior model in order to switch brand image. Cases of the Smart Senior type appeared only in the beauty field, which attempted multilateral approaches such as launching products exclusively for seniors and offering make-up services after improving the usability and functionality in response to senior consumers’needs. However, as no cases of senior shift were found for the Rational Senior and Slump Senior types in either the fashion or beauty field, future studies should explore the market approaches used in those categories.


beauty, fashion, senior shift, type of senior