Purpose - Recognizing the importance of small and medium enterprises and venture enterprises for the domestic economy, the purpose of the present study is to select factor termed export modes from among various export success strategies and factors that can help those enterprises secure export competitiveness in the world market to analyze the effects of export modes on the amounts of exports and periods until export after the foundation of those enterprises. Research design, data, and methodology - A structured questionnaire was used as a tool to derive the purpose of the study, and a questionnaire survey was conducted using a mobile survey technique that facilitated the distribution of questionnaire sheets and the collection of results. The main methodology used is crossover analysis, and the regression analysis technique was applied to verify the study results derived, thereby securing the reliability and validity of the final results derived. Results - Small and medium venture enterprises with shorter periods of time until the first export success after establishment adopted direct export modes more frequently, and those enterprises with larger amounts of the first export after establishment adopted direct export modes more frequently. The results of quantitative analysis, indicating that 66.1% of those enterprises with an export amount exceeding one billion won adopted direct export modes, can be said to support the foregoing. The crossover analysis results derived as such were reanalyzed using the PPML regression analysis technique to quantitatively identify that the amounts of the first export of enterprises that adopted direct export modes were larger than those of enterprises that adopted indirect export modes by 120%. Conclusions - The present study implies differentiated values in three aspects. First, the present study investigated and presented the export success factors and strategies of small and medium venture enterprises in a total of 14 countries in the Asian region, European region, North American region, African region, and South American region. Second, it intensively investigated five export modes to identify and verify that they were affecting the export success of small and medium venture enterprises. Third, based on the results of the investigation, the present study presented two marketing implications in the pragmatic aspect.


Export Modes, SMEs, Venture Enterprises, Export Success Strategies and Factors, Direct Export.