The purpose of this study was to examine awareness of paternal involvement, awareness and use of parenting support systems and related needs among fathers whether their spouses worked together for a living and their children’s ages in an effort to make a contribution to the revitalization of paternal involvement. The subjects in this study were 1,000 fathers who dwelled in an urban community and whose children were in their second grade in elementary school(western age 8) or younger. A survey was conducted to find out their awareness and needs for paternal involvement. The findings of the study were as follows: First, the fathers whose children were at the western ages of 8 and down were very sympathetic to the necessity of paternal involvement. Second, they were much aware of parenting support systems, but they didn’t make use of those a lot. The double income households tended to show more awareness and usage rate of parenting support systems. According to their children’s age, the fathers with infants were more likely to show high awareness and usage on ‘paternity leave.’ Third, the fathers needed proper information about ‘parenting knowledge for fathers’, and both single and double income households showed high needs for it. As children’s age is higher, the fathers needed more information about ‘education and care support of government’.Thefathers responded that ‘paternity leave’ is most needed for paternal involvement in both single and double income households regardless of their children’s age. Although there was no statistically meaningful difference on vitalizing paternal involvement, the fathers agreed on the needs of ‘implementing parenting support systems by force’.


Paternal parenting, Paternal involvement, Paternal parenting Support System