Purpose – Purpose of this paper is to review and examine FTA of two countries, Korea and China, in terms of the investment aspects in bilateral FTA. Traditionally, there have been much mutual exchanges for international trade and investment between two countries for a long time. As the FTA has established between Korea and China in recent years, it can be expected that there will be more possibilities to take wide investment opportunities, which is mutual benefit to both countries in FTA era. Research design, data, and methodology - The methodology to be taken is to look into, first general economic situations and a brief look at FTA from each countries, and then to examine investment aspects in present and future between Korea and China. Results – The result examined in this research is that each country has been involved into mutual investment step by step, and it is also revealed that investment activities have been growing steadily as time goes by. Conclusions – The FTA between Korea and China has new chance and hope for mutual co-operation in relation to investment aspects of the FTA at the level of economic exchanges, which can fully utilize national resources of each country.


Korea, China, FTA, Investment, Co-operation.


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